Verizon Connect Driver Status Management

Use Verizon Connect® Status™ to specify a work flow for your drivers. These work flows model the states drivers are typically in during the course of your day, based on the unique tasks performed in your organization, and your drivers' roles. This system provides greater insight into what personnel are doing at any given time, assisting with dispatch, payroll and billing. It also enables the streamlining of your organization's field operations, improving efficiency and driver safety.

Verizon Connect® Status™ is an option-controlled feature, and must be enabled by Verizon Connect support.

From the Status home page of their mobile devices, drivers select an appropriate custom status according the task they are about to begin (for example, taking a break or arriving at a site), then move to the appropriate Jobs or Forms screen to perform the required job tasks. As each job or form is completed, they are returned to the main Status screen to select a new status. Choosing a new status automatically marks the end of the previously selected status.

This section includes the following information:

Status Flow Templates - An overview of the template system used by Verizon Connect® Status™, and information about the default templates currently available.
Driver Status Configuration - Describes the steps needed to configure a mobile user account to access the Verizon Connect® Status™ system on their mobile device.
Viewing Driver Status - Describes the steps needed to view the current status, and status histories, of drivers configured to use Verizon Connect® Status™.
Generating Driver Status Reports - Describes the steps needed to generate a Driver Status Detailed report or a Driver Status Summary Report. These reports provide information about the statuses selected by your drivers, including the time of their selection, their duration, the vehicle the drivers were using at the time, and details of any jobs being carried out.