Home Screen

The home screen shows a summary of fleet activity.

The home screen is a single location for a fleet manager to view the status of a fleet. The contents of the home screen are personalized to each user, so you only see information relevant to your own business operations. Information includes a quick view map for a visual perspective, current status of vehicles and drivers, new alerts, and a graphical analysis of the past week. This powerful tool gives you an overview of the performance of the fleet without having to flip through screens or run histories. In addition to the information shown in the screenshot above, if your account includes support for the Performance Advisor, this screen shows you the Onboard Advisor Gauge.


The Quick View window displays a map that provides an at-a-glance view of your entire fleet. This map is a heat map, which shows the status of your vehicles by different colors (for example: red = stopped, green = moving, orange = charging) with the intensity of the colors on the map proportional to the number of vehicles with a similar status. The map also shows a shadow indicating where it is night, so that if your vehicles are widespread, it is easy to see when certain areas are inactive because of the time.


The Active Vehicles section shows a rundown of the current status of the fleet. It lists:

Total – total number of vehicles in the fleet.
Need Service – total number of vehicles due for a scheduled service.
At Base – total number of vehicles at their base location.
Stopped or Idle – total number of vehicles that are not moving.
Driving – total number of vehicles moving.
No Signal - total number of vehicles that for which an expected report has not been received in the last 30 minutes or more.
Charging - the total number of electric vehicles that are currently charging. This row is displayed only if one or more vehicles are charging.

Click any of the labels in this section to go to a vehicles list that is filtered to display only the vehicles with that status.

Click the Run Report link on the Need Service line to run a vehicle maintenance schedule report for the fleet.

Click the change fleet link to change the current fleet.


The Drivers section shows a rundown of the current status of the drivers in the fleet. It lists:

Total – total number of drivers in the fleet.
On Duty - total number of drivers on duty. This reflects any driver who is assigned to a vehicle, regardless of the status of that vehicle.
At Base – total number of drivers assigned to a vehicle that is at its base location.
Stopped or Idle – total number of drivers assigned to vehicles that are not moving.
Driving – total number of drivers assigned to moving vehicles.


The InSight Alerts section summarizes the recent activity of the fleet.

New Insight Alerts in 8 hours indicates the number of InSight Alerts™ that triggered in the last 8 hours. Click the link to open the InSight Alerts Inbox.
Distance driven yesterday gives the total distance driven by the entire fleet in the previous work day. This is given in miles or kilometers, depending on your settings.


The Mileage Graph provides an overview of the distance driven by the fleet in the last week. This graph is an approximation. For a more accurate indication of the distance driven, you can run a Mileage Report.


The Tip of the Day gives tips on how to get the most out of this fleet management software.

Onboard Advisor

The Onboard Advisor Gauge gives you an at-a-glance summary of the information tracked by the Performance Advisor plug-in, with an indication of the Insurance Discount you qualify for based on the currently measured practices of your fleets. When you first view this control, it displays a form for you to fill out to register with Performance Advisor. Once you submit this form, the display changes to the three gauges shown below.

The Onboard Advisor and Performance Advisor plug-in are not available in all versions of this product. If you want to add them to your version, speak to your support representative.

The three gauges show how you are doing for the last month (red needle) and the month before that (gray needle) on three measurements:

Fuel Score indicates how your drivers are performing against optimal standards of fuel-efficient driving.
Safety Score indicates how your drivers are performing against safety standards on measurements of driving such as braking behavior, speeding, and cornering speed.
Insurance Discount indicates the insurance discount you qualify for based on your driver's behavior.

If you hover over one of the gauges, the screen is updated to provide a brief description of what it shows. Click the links below the gauges to view the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Performance Advisor features. Click the small arrow in the lower right corner to navigate to the OnBoard Advisor web page. You can also use the Performance Advisor screen to view that web page from within this product.