List Views

You can see a list of details about some features without losing the overview of vehicle status and location that the map provides. You can combine the map with a list view to achieve this. Depending on the version of this software you are using, a list view may contain information about:

The vehicles list.
The activity of vehicles.

If you have Verizon Connect® Response™, there might be additional list views available.


The Map screen toolbar includes the following options for displaying the map and any lists:


Show Map


Show Map & List (Horizontal)


Show Map & List (Vertical)


Show List

These four options are shown below:

map and list view options

With Show Map & List (Horizontal) and Show Map & List (Vertical) views, you can drag the dividing bar up, down, left, or right to resize the map and list areas. The following screenshot shows the Show Map & List (Horizontal) view: