Find Nearest Vehicles

This topic describes how to find vehicles that are currently near a location. To find vehicles that were at a location at previous time, see Find activity.

To find vehicles that are currently near a location:

On the Map screen, click a location (marker name, address, or latitude and longitude value) to open a pop-up, info balloon, or vehicle list. Select the "Find nearest vehicles" option.
On the Map screen toolbar, click the Go To button to search for a location (address, marker, or job). Click or hover over a location. From the pop-up or info-balloon that opens select the "Find nearest vehicles" option.
If the Find Nearest vehicles dialog box is already open, click the icon then click a location on the map to find vehicles near that location.
If the Find Nearest vehicles dialog box is already open, enter an address, marker name, or vehicle name in the Search field. Select a location from the drop-down list of matches.

The Find Nearest Vehicle dialog box lists all the vehicles near the location:

In some versions of this software, when locating nearby vehicles, the current traffic conditions are taken into account.

For each nearby vehicle, the Find Nearest Vehicle dialog box displays the vehicle name, current location, and its distance from the selected location. For details on how the entries in this list are chosen, see How is the list of search results populated?

To find vehicles that have a certain property that are near a location, apply a map filter before searching for nearby vehicles.


The Find Nearest Vehicle dialog box has a Settings tab.

Enter a number in the Limit field to specify the maximum number of vehicles to locate.

Select the Stopped & Idle Only check box to limit the search to vehicles that are currently not moving.

How is the List of Search Results Populated?

The vehicles that are "near" the specified location are determined as follows:

1.The candidate vehicles are limited to those matching the current filter on the map.
2.Starting with a radius of 3 miles (5 kilometers), it locates all vehicles within the search radius.
3.The search radius is doubled until the total number of vehicles found is greater than 22 or the search radius reaches 3,106 miles (5,000 kilometers).
4.The search results are sorted by distance. If your version of this product includes traffic information, traffic is taken into consideration when sorting the results.
5.The sorted list is reduced to a maximum of 22 vehicles.