Quick Start Dashboards

In addition to the KPI and diagnostic dashboards, several "quick start" dashboards are also available from the Dashboards section of the navigation bar. These dashboards summarize key performance metrics across your fleet much like the other dashboards provided, but display this information as line, bar, and donut widgets using a simpler visual style. These dashboards do not require any initial configuration, and can be used immediately by any suitably configured subuser account to assess key performance indicators at a glance.

Use these dashboards to take an instant snapshot of the utilization and behavior of your fleet and its drivers. Six quick start dashboards are available:

Driver Behavior - Details idle times and speeding events over 75 MPH as line graphs, and the ten drivers who have logged the highest idle times and the most speed events over 75 MPH across the fleet, or a specified sub-fleet, within a set time period.
Enterprise Dashboard - Summarizes key KPIs across your fleet and teams, and graphs vehicle idle hours and vehicle distance trends over time.
Operational Efficiency - Graphs and trends total idle time, events over 75 MPH, total distance traveled, plots drive time against idle time, and lists the top ten idle events over ten minutes by driver.
Fleet Utilization - Graphs daily fleet and team vehicle utilization by total engine hours and total distance logged; the top 10 vehicles by highest engine hours logged and the top 10 fleets by distance traveled.
Equipment Utilization - Graphs daily equipment utilization by total engine hours, total fuel use, average fuel use, and equipment utilization levels.

Quick start dashboards provide a snapshot of historical vehicle data, including the structure of the hierarchy that contains the vehicles at the time the data was recorded. As a result, data for vehicles that are no longer present in a node, including data from vehicles that were manually removed by a customer, continue to be visible. Note that only vehicles that reported movement during the requested time frame are shown in the dashboard. If no movement data was recorded, these vehicles are not visible in the historical node structure for that period.