Fleet Utilization

The Fleet Utilization dashboard displays engine hours and distance traveled across your fleet and is used to examine vehicle utilization. Use this dashboard to assess if your vehicle fleet is being used efficiently. The graphs shown on this dashboard are:

Total Engine Hours - A summed number of engine hours across a selected sub-fleet of the current fleet. This is the number of hours that the vehicle ignition is set to "on", and includes both idle hours and moving hours.
Total Distance Traveled - The summed distance traveled by all vehicles across the selected sub-fleet of the current fleet.
Engine Hours - The individual number of engine hours recorded by the ten vehicles in the selected fleet with the highest number of logged engine hours.
Distance Traveled - The individual distances traveled by the ten vehicles in the selected fleet with the highest travel distance recorded over the graphed period.


The title of each trend graph indicates which fleet utilization indicator or indicators it shows.


Recorded values are represented by blue dots on the Total Engine Hours and Total Distance Traveled line graphs. Hover over a dot to view a tooltip that displays the values recorded for the date or time. Similarly, hover over a horizontal bar on the Engine Hours or Distance Traveled bar graph to view a tooltip that displays recorded values.


The Fleet Filter and Date Filter indicate which sub-fleet is represented by each graph, and the date range of the graphed data. Click either control to adjust the fleet or date range graphed.


Click Print to print all visible charts. Each chart is printed on a separate page. If you have selected the table view for a chart, the table is printed instead of the chart.


Click the up arrow to expand the graph to full-screen, or the down arrow to restore the graph to its original size.


Click Table to toggle the chart between chart and table views. The table view is useful if you need to copy data into a text editor or quickly view the raw data presented in a chart.


Click Export to export the chart as an .xslx format (Microsoft Excel) spreadsheet file.

Filtering the Fleet Utilization Dashboard

To specify the sub-fleets to include in the graph, or the date range of the data displayed, use the Fleet Filter or Date Filter located in the upper right corner of the screen:


Fleet Filter. Click to open the Fleet Filter, then select the sub-fleet, team, or driver to include in the graph. Continue to select fleets to further narrow the target of the dashboard report. When you have selected an appropriate level to filter on, the dashboard graphs update automatically.


Date Filter. Click to open the Date Filter, then select the date range to show in the dashboard graphs:

Pre-defined filter ranges include:

Last 7 Days
Last 30 Days
This Month
Last Month
This Quarter
Last Quarter
Year To Date
Custom Range

As you hover over each option the corresponding dates are displayed in the From and To fields.

If you choose Custom Range, a calendar control opens. Use this to select the start and end dates of your custom date range. Click Apply to update the dashboard graphs.