Dashboards and scorecards provide an easy means of monitoring the performance of your fleet, and the vehicles and drivers within it, using simple "snapshot" graphical charts. The KPI dashboard provides a broad understanding of how your fleet is performing over time, while the quick start dashboards provide a simple overview of the operational efficiency of your fleet, and the driving behavior of your drivers (including their driver safety and fuel efficiency). The benchmarks dashboard provides a wider view of your fleet's overall performance when compared to industry averages.

You can also create your own scorecards to monitor specific performance aspects of your fleet, using the Scorecard system. This system can be used to access and present a huge number of vehicle and driver metrics.

Choose the screen that provides the information you need:

The KPI dashboard provides a long-term view of how your fleets are performing against targets you set on key performance indicators. You can easily monitor how your fleet performance is changing over time and move from a summary overview down to the level of individual events.
The quick start dashboards provide a quick overview of the performance of your fleet and its drivers. You can monitor vehicle utilization and driver behavior, including speeding and driver scores, to ensure that your fleet is operating safely and efficiently.
The benchmark dashboard system provides a simple means of benchmarking individual fleets against all other fleets collectively monitored by Verizon Connect. This quickly identifies potential areas of improvement where your fleet's performance does not equal or better broad industry averages.

You can also set up InSight Alerts™ that notify you the moment something important occurs, whether it be arrival at a customer site or a problem such as speeding. A wealth of reports keep you informed of every aspect of your fleet activity.