The Diagnostic Dashboard

The Diagnostic dashboard is an alternative to the KPI-based dashboard, which gives you a graphical overview of your fleet performance based on inputs from the units installed in your vehicles and assets.

The diagnostic dashboard is not available in all versions. If you want to add a diagnostic dashboard to your version, speak to your support representative.

To view the Diagnostic dashboard, choose Dashboard from the main section of the navigation bar.

Use the controls in the toolbar to specify what you want to see:


Expand the Time Frame drop-down list to specify the time period you want all of the graphs in the dashboard to represent.
Select the name of the currently-selected Fleet to open a dialog box where you can indicate which fleet you want to examine in the graphs.
Select Choose Charts to display a dialog box that lists all available graphs that you can add to the dashboard. The set of available graphs differs, depending on the types of units that are installed in your vehicles and assets; all unit types support graphs showing total miles driven per day and speeding incidents per day. If you have different types of units installed on different vehicles and assets, the graphs in the dashboard might only show you percentages of the portion of your fleet that supports the diagnostic criterion.

You can drag the graphs in the dashboard around to arrange them on the page the way you like. You can maximize, minimize, or close a graph with the buttons in the upper right corner of the graph.