Generating Driver Status Reports

To generate a new driver status detailed report or a driver status summary report:

1.From the Reports section of the navigation bar choose Create Report to open the Create Report screen.

2.Expand the Driver Status menu item. Two report options are listed: Detailed and Summary.

3.Click the report type you want to generate (Detailed or Summary). The Settings tab opens. Here you can specify the details of the report.

4.Select the report time frame from the Time Frame field drop-down menu. Depending on which option you select, more fields might be displayed. For example, if you selected "Last X Days", the Days field and Include Today check box are also displayed.
The timeframe preview is displayed in a yellow text box.
5.From the Driver list, select the check box beside the drivers to include in the report. You can select an individual driver, or an entire fleet or team. Use the Search field to find a driver with a certain name, and use the Previous Page and Next Page buttons to navigate through the list.
6.Select a radio button in the lower right corner to indicate the output format of the report. Choose from HTML, PDF, or CSV.
7.Click Run to run the report immediately without saving it. The report is added to the Reports queue. To view the queue, from the Reports section of the navigation bar choose Reports > Reports tab. When the report has been generated, click the Download link to download the report.
To save the report settings for future use, click Save in the lower right corner of the Settings tab. The Save Report Settings dialog box opens, where you can schedule the report to be run automatically and emailed to specific people. See Saved and Scheduled for details on running saved reports.