Saved & Scheduled Tab

The Saved & Scheduled tab lets you create new built-in reports and work with saved built-in and simple custom reports. To view this tab, from the Reports section of the navigation bar choose Managed Reports > Saved & Scheduled tab.


Create: Click Create to create a new built-in report, then choose from the list of built-in report types. When you select a report type, the Run Options for the report open. After setting the run options, you can then run the new report or save your configuration for running later. When saving a report, you can set up a schedule for the report to be automatically generated and emailed to one or more addresses.


Run: Click Run to run the selected report. The report is added to the Reports queue, where you can check on its progress and view or download it when completed.


Options: Click Options to edit the selected report. You can choose the type of options you want to edit:

"Save & Schedule Options" - Select this item to display the Saved Report Details dialog box, where you can change the name, description, or visibility, auto-generation schedule, and emailing schedule of the report.
"Report Options" - Select this item to display the Settings tab.


Delete: Click Delete to delete the selected report.


Filter: Enter a term in the Filter field to filter the list of reports. The list is updated to show only those reports whose name matches the term entered. Click the "X" to remove the filter.


Click a column header to sort the list by the values in that column. To choose which columns to display on the table, click the down arrow at the far right of the column header, select "Columns" from the pop-up menu, then select or clear the check boxes beside the column options. Possible columns include:

(no name) - The icon showing the output type for the report.
Output Format.
Report Type.
(no name) - An icon indicating if the report is scheduled to run automatically and be emailed out, or an error message if the report cannot be run.


The table lists all saved built-in reports and simple custom reports. Click a row to select a report and enable the Run, Options, and Delete buttons.


Use the navigation controls to move between pages when the list of saved reports is too long to fit on a single page.