Driver Status Detail Reports

This report is only available to customers who have subscribed to the Verizon Connect® Status™ for Mobile. If your account includes this feature, but you do not see the Driver Status reports in the Create Reports screen, contact support to arrange for its activation on your account.

If your version of this product includes support for the Driver Status feature, you can generate detailed reports that include information about the driver statuses selected by the drivers in your organization, including what and when status types were selected, the duration that drivers remained in each status, details of the jobs that were being performed at the time of the selection (job name, job location marker and job territory), and the vehicle being used by the driver at the time.

These reports also include details of the work flow template in use when the status was chosen, and additional information about the drivers included in the report (name, employee number, and hierarchy assignment).

Report Settings

The options specific to Driver Status Summary report that you can set, in addition to the report time frame, are as follows:

Driver: The driver or drivers who will be included in the report.
Show Empty Nodes: Specifies if the node tree view includes hierarchy nodes that do not contain any drivers.

Report Columns

The columns of a Driver Status Detail report are as follows:

1.Timestamp: The time the driver entered the status in the driver's local time.
2.Status: The name of the status event (for example, "ClockIn").
3.Duration: The duration of the status event in HH:MM:SS format.
4.Name: The name of the driver.
5.Employee Number: The driver's employee number,
6.Hierarchy: The hierarchy node to which the driver is assigned.
7.Unit Name: The name of the vehicle.
8.Job Name: The name of the job, if a job was assigned.
9.Marker Name: The name of the job location marker, if a job was assigned,
10.Territory Name: The name of the territory that contains the job, if a job was assigned.
11.Template Name: The name of the work flow status template used when the status was selected.