Hours of Service

If your drivers are equipped with handheld devices that run Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™, you can use the Verizon Connect Hours of Service module to receive, store, and print out hours of service reports (driver's daily logs) that comply with the US Department of Transportation safety regulations. You can use WorkPlan as an ELD (electronic logging device)  to help with ELD regulations or as an AOBRD (automatic on-board recording device), which has less strict regulations and uses GPS to record driving times.

To use Hours of Service, you must first configure the WorkPlan information for the driver on the Verizon Connect Mobile tab of the Driver details dialog box.

Follow the instructions on configuring ELD settings, if you are using WorkPlan as an ELD.

The following hours of service information is available in the platform:

HOS Drivers - The Drivers tab on the Hours of Service screen provides an hours of service summary and detailed hours of service logs for each driver using Hours of Service.
HOS Events - The Events tab on the Hours of Service screen lists all hours of service status changes for each of your vehicles and drivers. This screen is available if you are using WorkPlan as an ELD with Hours of Service v3.1 or later.
Unassigned Miles - The Unassigned Miles tab on the Trips screen lists all trips that have missing hours of service information, such as an unassigned driver, category, or status. This screen is available if you are using WorkPlan as an AOBRD with Hours of Service v2.x or earlier.
HOS Reports - You can choose from several built-in report types to display various hours of service information. Most HOS reports are listed under HOS Reports. The Driver ELD License Check Report and the Driver ELD Events Health Report are listed under Driver Details Reports.

For information on the violations and breaks that Hours of Service enforces, see HOS Violations and Breaks.

Additional Information


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