How to Assign a Driver to a Vehicle

You cannot assign drivers to vehicles that are using an asset type with the setting Allow users to assign drivers to vehicles using this asset type cleared.

To see which asset type a vehicle is using, go to the Vehicle Details pop-up, select the Information tab, and look in the Vehicle Information section.
To see whether the asset type allows manual driver assignment or not, go to the Asset Type screen, select the asset type from the list on the left, and look on the Parameters tab.

Assign a driver to a vehicle using the Select a driver dialog box. There are several ways to display this dialog box:

From the vehicle details pop-up, click the link for the currently-assigned driver and choose Change Driver.
From the vehicles list, click the name of a vehicle and choose Change Driver, or, if there is no assigned driver, choose Assign Driver.
From the vehicle details dialog box, click the button on the Overview page next to the name of the assigned driver.
From the map screen, click the name of a vehicle on a map information balloon and select Assign Driver from the menu that opens.

select a driver

In this dialog box:

To assign a driver to the vehicle, select a driver from the drop-down list. To filter the list enter part of the driver's nickname in the Filter field at the top of the drop-down list.
To unassign a driver, leaving the vehicle with no assigned driver, expand the Driver drop-down list. Click the None button on the drop-down list.
To make your driver assignment start at a time in the past, select the Assign for a previous period check box to expand this section, then:
oSpecify the time when the driver assignment starts in the From fields.
oSpecify the time when the driver assignment ended in the To fields, or, if the driver should still be assigned to the vehicle, select the Continue as current assignment check box.
oExpand the Assignments for this period section to view the currently recorded assignments for the driver and vehicle during the specified time period. This lets you avoid accidentally making an assignment that conflicts with a previously saved assignment.