Status Flow Templates

The Verizon Connect® Status™ engine is controlled by Status Flow Templates. These templates represent the work flows that a Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™ driver can follow. Each template defines which statuses can be reached from the current status, along with other logic such as actions that should be performed when your drivers changes their status (for example, showing a form), and pre-conditions that must be met before your drivers are allowed to change their state.

Currently, Verizon Connect® Status™ provides three default templates. These are:

Basic Jobs with DVIR Template - This is a basic status flow template intended for generic tracking of driver activity. Features of this template include Pre and Post DVIR Forms, Breaks and Exceptions.
Ready Mix Template - This template is designed to support basic use cases for the construction materials industry. It is the best choice for users of the ReadyMix Connector.
Long-Haul Default - This is a basic status intended for use in the long-haul/over-the-road trucking industry.

See the following section, driver status configuration, for the steps required to associate a driver with a template. Once a driver has been configured to use a template, and has started to specify their status as they work through a work flow, you can then view the status of these drivers, or generate status reports for drivers.

Contact Verizon Connect support for generation of special, customized work flows. In future updates to the Verizon Connect® Status™ system, customers will be able to generate their own customized statuses (states) using a template editor. Features that are supported in these customized templates include:

Forcing the completion of a standard or custom form as part of a work flow
Undoing a status selection
Inserting custom data into status events
Automatically advancing to a state based on Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™ sign in or sign out
Automatically advancing to a state after a set period of time
Warning drivers after a specified time in a given state
Switching vehicles from within Verizon Connect® Status™