Job Screen

When you tap on an individual job from your jobs list, the Job screen appears:

This screen contains the following sections:

Title bar - The title bar gives the name of the job you are examining, and includes a Map button that you can tap to display the Map screen showing just this job on the map.
Status buttons - The status buttons appear immediately below the title bar. You can use these buttons to set the status of the job. The possible options are:
oEn Route - You are currently driving to the job site.
oOn Site - You are at the job location but have not yet completed the job.
oCompleted - You have completed the job and are ready to move on to the next job. Note that, depending on your account configuration, you might not be able to mark a job as completed if it has any required forms that you have not yet submitted.

If your configuration supports Driver Initiated Status, you must use these buttons to indicate when a job status changes. If your configuration does not include Driver Initiated Status, these values are automatically set, based on the location of your vehicle.


Details - The Details section summarizes the details of the job, including the address, time when the job is scheduled to occur, the amount of time the job is expected to take, and a line you can tap to see any notes that have been added to the job. If a chevron is displayed next to the address, you can tap it to go to the Marker screen and see more information about the location for this job.
Required Forms - The Required Forms section lists all of the forms that must be filled out for this job. You can tap the line for a form to fill it out and submit it. In addition, you can tap the Add an Extra Form line to select an additional form to associate with the job and submit it. The forms listed in this section might have next to them a "Draft" label (if the form has been previously saved, but not yet submitted) or a green tick (if the form has been submitted).
Options - The Options section includes the following lines:
oReject Job - Tap to indicate that you will not be doing the job. This removes the job from your list of jobs, so that it can be dispatched to someone else. This option is not available if you are examining a job that has been marked as completed.
oRe-do - Tap to display the Edit Job Details screen for the job and then add the new, edited version to your to-do list. This option is only available if you are examining a job that has been marked as completed.
oNavigate to Job - Tap this link to launch a separate mapping application to navigate you to the location of the job. Depending on your operating system, WorkPlan looks for the following applications in the order listed below and launches the directions in the first one it finds installed on the device.



Verizon Connect® Navigation™ - Global edition app
Verizon Connect Navigation - North American edition app
Another map app installed on the device
Google Maps in a web browser
Verizon Connect® Navigation™ - Global edition app
Google Maps app
Apple’s Maps app
Google Maps in a web browser