Editing the Job Status

To manually set a job's status to Complete, or manually Reject a job you have been assigned from the Jobs screen:

1.Tap the Edit button on the main Jobs screen:
oA check box now appears next to each job in the list. Use these boxes to select a subset of jobs from the list.
oTwo buttons, Complete and Reject, appear at the bottom of the list. These are used to mark any selected jobs as complete, or to reject them.


2.Tap the check box next to a job to select or de-select it. You can select any job that is not marked as complete.
3.Tap the Complete button at the bottom of the screen to change the status of all the selected jobs to complete. When you mark a job as complete, its status changes, but it remains in the list of jobs (unless you are filtering on incomplete jobs). Tap the Reject button at the bottom of the screen to reject all of the selected jobs. When you reject a job, it is removed from your jobs list.