Editing the Job Details

The Edit Job Details screen appears when you:

Create a new job.
Select a completed job in the jobs list and click Re-do from the Job screen.

This screen lets you specify information about a job other than its location:

Planned Arrival Time - Select this row and then choose a date and time when the job should be scheduled. Required field.
Planned Time on site - Select this row and then choose how long the job should last (a value between 0 and 59 minutes). Required field.
Add Notes - Type any notes about the job into the Notes section. Optional field.
Add Job Type - Select this row to indicate the type of job you are scheduling. A list of possible job types is shown. A job can only have one job type, so tapping this a second time replaces the current job type. If you select a job type that has associated forms, those forms are added to the set of forms associated with the job. Required field.

When you have added or updated the details of the job, you are returned to the screen that you were on previously.