Marker Screen

You can get to the Marker screen from the Job screen, if the location for the particular job has been configured as a marker in the Verizon Connect platform.


On the Marker screen you can view the following information:

The address for this marker
Custom marker attributes (if applicable) - These attributes are defined and assigned to the marker by your administrator using the Verizon Connect platform. They provide additional information about the marker. You cannot edit the values for these attributes.
Navigate to Marker - Tap this link to launch a separate mapping application to navigate you to the location of the job. Depending on your operating system, WorkPlan looks for the following applications in the order listed below and launches the directions in the first one it finds installed on the device.



Verizon Connect® Navigation™ - Global edition app
Verizon Connect Navigation - North American edition app
Another map app installed on the device
Google Maps in a web browser
Verizon Connect® Navigation™ - Global edition app
Google Maps app
Apple’s Maps app
Google Maps in a web browser