Assigning Jobs to Route Drivers

You can quickly change or set the driver preference (required driver) of jobs that have already been assigned to a route to the driver of that route. This process sets a required driver if none is currently specified and changes the required driver from the previous required driver to the driver of the current route if a driver was previously set.

To change or set the driver preference for several jobs on a route simultaneously:

1.Open the list menu in the upper left corner of the Lists panel and select the Jobs option. The Jobs list opens.

2.Select the check box beside each job you want to update in the Jobs list.
3.Click the More menu button in the upper right corner of the Jobs list and select the Assign to Route Driver option. The selected jobs are updated to require the driver of the route they are currently assigned to. If you select a job that has not yet been assigned to a route, the required driver setting is not changed. If the job is now manually moved to a route assigned to another driver, a warning message is shown.