Geocoding Markers

Geocoding is the process of finding the latitude and longitude coordinates of a street address. You might need to geocode one or more markers after creating or importing markers, if the markers do not already have they latitude and longitude coordinates defined.

To do this:


1.Open the list menu in the upper left corner of the List panel and select the Markers option. The Markers list opens.


2.Click the Geocode button to open the Geocode Locations dialog box. This dialog box opens directly if you are importing markers and any of these markers require latitude and longitude coordinates.

3.(Optional) If the list of markers that need to be verified manually is long, select Unverified from the drop-down box next to the Country Code drop-down box. This filters the list of markers to show only those that need manual verification.

4.(Optional) For some unverified locations you can select from multiple address suggestions in the drop-down list under Found Address.

5.Make sure that the latitude and longitude coordinates are correct for those markers that are unverified or have a status of Please Verify. When you have verified a marker location, open the drop-down list in the Status column and select Verified.

6.When you have finished verifying marker locations, click OK in the lower right corner of the dialog box.