Creating Jobs Using the Forecasting Tool

When you are using Scenarios in detached mode and you would like to see how your scenario would cope with additional jobs, you can use the forecasting tool. With the forecasting tool you can quickly generate new jobs that are similar to the jobs that are already in your scenario.

To use the forecasting tool:


1.In the Settings and Layout panel in the upper part of the screen, click the Forecasting button.
2.The Forecasting pop-up opens.

3.Move the slider to the percentage of new jobs you want to generate. If you currently have 100 jobs and you move the slider to 100%, an additional 100 jobs are generated, leading to a total of 200 jobs.
4.(Optional) Select the check box next to Show live preview to see where the new jobs will be located on the map. The new jobs are represented by a blue dot.
5.Click Generate Jobs.
6.The new jobs appear in the Jobs list. Their names are "Generated Job [x]" and their markers are "Generated Marker [x]". Location, Time on site, and other attributes are generated based on the existing jobs in the Jobs list.