Legacy Setup Screen

The legacy Setup InSight Alerts screen has two sections:

Create - This section lists the existing alert types and lets you create a new alert.
Current - This section lists the alerts you have already created and lets you edit or delete them.


The Create section lists every type of InSight Alert that is defined for your account. Next to each alert type is a brief description of when the alert triggers. To create a new InSight Alert, click the link for the type of alert you want to create. This displays the InSight Alerts setup dialog box, where you can define the conditions that cause the alert to appear in your InSight Alerts Inbox and to generate email notifications.


The Current section lists every InSight Alert currently defined for your account. For each alert, this section lists:

The alert name. This is the name you specified in the InSight Alerts Setup dialog box. Click the link to edit the alert.
The severity of the alert with the color you specified should be used to display the alert in the InSight Alerts Inbox.
An indicator that tells you if an email is automatically sent when the alert triggers or stops.
An indicator that tells you if the alert is aggressive. Aggressive alerts trigger after the specified minimum time to trigger without waiting for a confirmation from the vehicle that the exception (the alert condition) is still in effect.
Tools for working with the alert:

Edit tool: Click to edit the alert in the InSight Alerts Setup dialog box.

Delete tool: Click to delete the alert.