InSight Alerts

InSight Alerts™ notify you, in real time, when a vehicle does something special or unexpected.

For example, you might want to get a heads-up when a vehicle is due for routine servicing, be notified when a vehicle breaks a rule such as exceeding the speed limit, or get a notification as soon as a vehicle arrives at its scheduled destination.

These notifications appear automatically in your InSight Alerts Inbox. In addition, you can configure the system to send an email message to a text-enabled device such as a pager, cell phone, or desktop computer when the alert occurs so that the appropriate people in your organization are informed immediately.

Times shown in alerts, used for scheduling alert activity, and for indicating when alerts started or ended reflect your own time zone (configured from Settings > User tab > Time Zone drop-down menu), not the time zone of the vehicles or assets being monitored.

To use InSight Alerts:

An administrator defines the conditions that generate alerts.
When alerts occur, you can see them in your InSight Alerts Inbox.
You can define and run InSight Alert reports that summarize the alerts that have occurred for any time period within the previous two weeks.

In addition to the built-in types of InSight Alerts, some accounts can define their own customized alert conditions.