Non-reporting Units

If a GPS device has not reported in over 7 days (168 hours), it is considered a “Non Reporting Unit”. Most GPS devices enter a hibernation or sleep mode when the vehicle has remained off for over an hour, unless they have some sort of device installed that kills power to peripheral electrical devices when the vehicle is off, like a charge guard or surge protector. Thus, even if a vehicle is parked, and as long as the battery is in good condition and the vehicle is in cellular coverage, it should send out wake-up data showing it is stopped.

An NRU (Non-reporting unit) is a vehicle that has not sent out data in over 7 days as was expected; and is cause for concern. There could be several reasons for a device to go into a NRU state:

The vehicle might be in the shop.
The vehicle might be operating outside of cellular coverage.
There could be a hardware problem with wiring in the vehicle providing power to the device, or there could be a blown fuse.
Antenna failure or loose connections could result in an NRU.
The device might be locked up for some reason and need to be reset or repaired via an RMA.
The vehicle might be seasonal and not in use at the time. In this case, the battery could be removed or disconnected intentionally.
There are several other possible reasons a device could not be reporting that are dependent upon the type of equipment and the function/nature of its use.

To identify if a vehicle is possibly NRU, check the state of the vehicle in the vehicles list or the map, or run a Unit Health Report. Once any non reporting units are identified, the first question to ask is: Should this be reporting or not?

If it should be working then someone needs to diagnose and resolve the issue. You might want to contact your support representative to help you troubleshoot.
If the equipment in question should not be reporting for some reason, you might consider marking it inactive. You can mark a vehicle as Inactive using the Fleets & Teams screen or using the Hierarchy. You can choose to mark a vehicle inactive for any given amount of time, then restore it to an Active state when the vehicle is expected to be in use again.


When a vehicle is marked as inactive, it does not appear on the map or vehicle pages. Once the vehicle is removed from the inactive fleet, it resumes normal visibility on the map and vehicles list. Marking NRUs as inactive lets you remove those vehicles from the view while keeping them as part of the system, preventing the confusion of by seeing them on the map reporting the last state that they were in before going to a non reporting status.