Hardware Problems

This topic describes some possible hardware problems and the symptoms that help you identify them.

Symptom: No Signal Icon.

The no signal icon means that an expected report (data point) was not received in the last 30 minutes or more (if you have support for Asset Types, you can configure the timeout period).

The most common cause for this is when a vehicle is not within cellular coverage. The cellular carrier might have an interruption in service, or the vehicle might be in a location where cellular service is unavailable, such as a parking garage or underground tunnel. Typically, a vehicle resumes communications when the device finds a cellular signal. It then uploads the location and vehicle activity that it could not send during the outage.

The “no signal” icon doesn’t usually mean that something is broken with the GPS device. However, on occasion it might identify a need for investigation of the hardware. To identify a hardware problem, check the date and time of the last reported data – if the vehicle has not sent a report in more than 7 days then the vehicle is considered as Non Reporting (NRU). If the vehicle has returned to known good cellular coverage and should be reporting but is not- then you might need to troubleshoot the device.

Symptom: Vehicle Does Not Seem to be Tracking and is Not Updating Data.

If the vehicle is not reporting when it is expected to be, it is classified as a non-reporting unit (NRU). If you have access to the Hardware checks screens, you can check whether the problem is due to poor GPS quality or power problems. You can also contact your support representative for assistance.

Symptom: Vehicle is Always Shown as Idling or Moving, But Never Stopped.

The most likely cause for a vehicle never showing the stopped status is an ignition that is wired to constant power rather than a 12v switched ("True Ignition") source. It is also possible that the power wire is wired to a switched ignition source that is killing power to the unit when the key is turned off.

Symptom: Device Seems to Track But the History Only Shows Points Where the Vehicle is Stopped.

The most likely cause is that the unit is not detecting Ignition ON events. The device probably has a problem with the ignition wiring or fuses.

Symptom: Device is Reporting But Location Doesn't Update.

If the device seems to be reporting but the location is wrong and doesn’t update even though ignition events and inputs are reported in a history and the map shows these changes but not location changes, you probably have an antenna failure. Check for a loose antenna connection or incorrectly mounted antenna.

Symptom: An Input or Sensor is Not Reporting Correctly.

Sometimes you see input readings that you know are incorrect. For example, you might know that the PTO is not in use but it is showing as on, or a door sensor is reporting as on but you know it is off. This is probably due to loose or damaged wiring, blown fuses, or an input connected to a failing sensor or peripheral.