The KPI Dashboard

The KPI dashboard provides a graphical way to monitor how your fleets are performing over time.

The dashboard lets you quickly view the status of your fleet over a specified period of time. It summarizes how the fleet matches up to a number of key performance indicators (KPIs), using color to let you quickly determine which KPIs are faring worst at meeting their targets. Additional pages graph how your fleet is performing relative to the KPIs over time so that you can spot trends.

The dashboard is only available if your account has been configured to support the dashboard.

The dashboard summarizes a lot of information. There are a number of ways for you to focus in on a subset of that information to see how parts of your fleet are performing. You can filter the data to display only information about vehicles in specified categories, or limit the data to a sub-fleet that corresponds to a node in the hierarchy. You can even open a list of every event where a vehicle did not meet its KPI target.

To easily communicate the information you see on any page of the dashboard you can send it in an email or print it out. In addition, using the hierarchy, you can configure the dashboard to automatically send daily reports that summarize the information for the day that just finished.