The Scorecard home screen allows you to add new customized driver and vehicle scorecards, and view or edit existing scorecards. To open the Scorecard home screen, expand the Dashboards section of the main navigation bar and select Scorecard:


Two scorecards, with the names "Safety" and "Fuel Efficiency", are always listed by default to the right of the Add Scorecard tile (the tile with the blue "+"). These default scorecards cannot be edited. The following screenshot illustrates what a "Safety" scorecard might look like (this is just an example, and does not represent your account's actual "Safety" scorecard):

To add a new scorecard, click the Add Scorecard tile. Scorecards that you create can be configured with either private or public visibility. When set to private visibility, only your account can see them; when set to public visibility, anyone with the appropriate permissions (whether role-based or private) can see them. Metrics and scores displayed on your scorecards can either be for the drivers or for the vehicles in your fleet. Only scorecards that are configured as public and that are also based on drivers can be used within the Verizon Connect Coach mobile app.

You need the appropriate permissions to add, edit, or delete scorecards, and to make scorecards available in Verizon Connect® Coach™. You can view scorecards only for those hierarchy nodes, or fleets and teams, that you have permission to access.