Viewing Routes on a Gantt Chart

To view a route on a Gantt chart:


1.Open the Routes list in the List view by clicking the Display routes in a list button.
2.Click any column picker on the far right of a column title bar. The picker appears as a downward-facing, gray arrow.
3.Click Columns in the drop-down menu, and then select the check box next to Gantt Chart.

4.A Gantt chart is displayed for each route that contains jobs. The color of the route on the Gantt chart matches the color in which the route is displayed on the map.

A Gantt chart can have the following elements:


1.A timeline is displayed along the top of the Gantt chart area.
2.The start and end of a route are shown as a small circle.
3.Each job is represented as a box. The size of the box depends on the duration of the job and the zoom level, because the job times are mapped to the timeline along the top of the Gantt chart area. The number on the box represents the position of the job on the route.
4.Hover over a box to see an information box containing the job's position on the route, name, type, location, date and time, duration, and potential violations.
5.When you select a job, an outline is shown around the box.
6.A small orange circle is displayed next to a box if there are any violations for the job.
7.Linked jobs are displayed with a line above them, joining them together.
8.A small circle between boxes is shown if a job is close to the driver's depot.
9.Breaks are shown as outlined ellipse on the Gantt chart.
10.When you hovering over the gray line underneath a route, you can see information about the route, such as the route start and end date, and shifts.
11.If the route is a multi-day route, an outlined circle is shown at the end of the first leg of the route and at the beginning of the last leg of the route.

You can interact with the Gantt chart in the following ways:


Use your mouse to drag the Gantt chart to the left or right.
Use the scroll mechanism to zoom in to or out of a route's Gantt chart.
(List view only) Insert jobs into a route on the Gantt chart by dragging and dropping jobs from the map or jobs grid. Move jobs from one Gantt chart to another, or change the order of the jobs on a route, by dragging and dropping the jobs.