Creating and Editing Routes

Routes contain the jobs (stops) you schedule your vehicles to make.

Creating Routes - Create new routes to contain unassigned jobs.
Building Routes Automatically - Automatically create routes for selected jobs.
Creating Route Cards - Create printed turn-by-turn route navigation cards for your drivers.
Editing Routes - Edit an existing route.
Deleting Routes - Delete a route that you no longer require.
Reversing Route Order - Reverse the order in which jobs are completed.
Adding a Secondary Location - Add a secondary location for a driver. This can be used as either the start or end depot when building routes for the driver.
Using Multi-Day Routes - Configuring shifts and drivers to support multi-day routes imported from Verizon Connect® Scenarios™.
Specifying Default Routing Behavior - Specify the type of road crossing behavior that will be permitted when a route reaches a stop (whether the vehicle can cross the road to reach the stop, or whether it must be routed to prevent crossing oncoming traffic lanes), and whether or not routes will include toll roads.
Re-Sequencing Routes - Automatically re-order the jobs in a route that has been changed since it was first created.