Deleting a Route

To delete a route that you no longer required:

Before deleting a route, you might want to move the jobs it contains to a different route, if you do not want to delete these jobs together with the route. When deleting a route, you will be given the option to either delete its jobs, or set them to Unassigned status.

1.Use the date control in the upper left corner of the Jobs List panel to select the date of the route to delete. You can also change day using the left and right arrows to move ahead or back one day at a time:


2.Select a checkbox beside every route you want to delete from the Daily Routes list.
To delete a single route directly from the Daily Routes List or the map, right-click the route's name in the list, or the route highlight on the map, and then click Delete on the contextual menu:

  Deleting a route from the daily routes list or from the map using the contextual menu

3.Click the Delete Route button () in the upper left hand corner of the Daily Routes panel. This button is only active if you select at least one route from the list. The Delete Route confirmation dialog box displays:

Click the headings of the Route, Driver or Jobs columns to change the sorting order for each column to ascending or descending, and vice versa.

4.Click the Yes - unassign jobs button to confirm the deletion of the route(s) but not to delete their jobs: these will be given the status of "Unassigned". Click the Yes - delete jobs button to delete the routes and delete all of their jobs, or click the No button to cancel the action. Click the remove button () to the left of the route name to remove it from the deletion list.