Re-Sequencing Routes

When a route is first created, the order of the jobs it contains, its start and end times, and the turn-by-turn street directions of the route are calculated by the routing and optimization engines. The objective of these calculations is to deliver the "best" solution (typically the shortest) for the route, taking into account any constraints that must be observed (such as job time windows and driver shifts). However, if manual changes are made to these routes after they are generated, such as adding or removing jobs, changing job time windows, or changing the drivers available on the day, the routes might need to be re-sequenced to take these changes into account.

The Re-Sequence button's action is determined by the number of routes you select. If no routes are selected, pressing the button re-sequences all routes currently in the Daily Routes panel. If one or more routes are selected in the Daily Routes panel (using the selection check boxes), only the selected routes are re-sequenced when the button is pressed. Re-sequencing a route can adjust the order of jobs within an individual route or routes, if necessary, but does not move jobs to or from any other route. In other words, the number of jobs in the selected routes always remains the same following re-sequencing, but the order of these jobs might change.

If you have changed your route settings and simply need to re-cost your existing routes to take these change into account (that is, calculate the updated costs, distances, driving times and violations) without re-sequencing them, you can use the Re-Evaluate button () on the main toolbar above the Daily Routes panel. A route re-evaluation operation does not change the order of jobs in your routes, or the total number of routes, although it might change the time that jobs are scheduled to occur.

Re-Sequencing Routes

To re-sequence jobs (recalculate the optimal job order) within a single route, within several selected routes, or within all routes displayed in the routes list:

1.Use the date control in the upper left corner of the Jobs List panel to select the date of the routes to re-sequence. You can also change day using the left and right arrows to move ahead or back one day at a time:



2.Select the check box beside the route, or routes, you want to re-sequence in the Daily Routes panel. If you want to re-sequence every route that is visible in the panel, rather than only selected individual routes, leave all check boxes clear.
If the route list is long, use the search filter to search for routes with a particular name, vehicle or driver.
oType the name, or part of the name, of a route, vehicle or a driver. Filtering of the list is performed as you type.
oClick the Clear button () to clear the contents of the filter control.
3.Click the Re-Sequence button () in the menu bar above the Daily Routes panel. If you did not select any check boxes, you are asked to confirm the action by clicking Yes or No. The re-sequencing process begins, and might take a moment.