Searching for Locations

Tap the Search icon to open the Navigation Search screen.You can use the Search screen to look up locations using any of the following methods:

Enter an address.
Enter the name of a point of interest (POI) or look up a POI in the following categories: Fuel, Truck Stop, Dining, Lodging, and Toilet/Public Amenities.
Enter the name of a shared marker or a marker that your administrator has added. See Marker Search, below, for more information.
Enter the geographic coordinates (latitude, longitude) for a location.
Select a Recent Place you looked up previously.
Choose one of your Favorite addresses.
Search nearby for places by category.
When you search for nearby places, the list of results is ordered approximately with the nearest places at the top of the list, and the results only include places within a 5 mile radius of your current location.



From the Search screen, you can select a recent or favorite place, search nearby, or type an address or place name in the Search field. Alternatively, you can specify the geographic coordinates for the location, if you have them.

The following screenshot shows the search result for an address specified using latitude and longitude coordinates. You can type the values or copy and paste them from another application.


After you specify or select a location, the search result list updates to show the address that matches the specified coordinates. Tap the address to see the mapped location and begin navigation. For details, see Getting Directions.

Marker Search

You can search for a map marker that has been set up by an administrator. During the setup process, the administrator can add details about the marker, such as yard shapes and sizes, access paths to the marker address from nearby roads (and back out to the road), and arrival and departure notes.

Marker Search and the Last Mile Feature

When you generate a route from a marker search and then navigate towards the marker, the Last Mile feature ensures that the marker’s arrival notes are announced and displayed. When you are approximately 400 meters from the marker, the arrival notes are announced verbally. When you arrive at the marker, the arrival notes are displayed on the Arrival screen.

The Last Mile feature improves the efficiency of deliveries and services, and reduces the likelihood of accidents and driver stress.