Getting Started

This section contains key steps to get you started with the Navigation mobile application.

1. Download a Map (Optional)

The maps used in this application can be saved to your device or accessed online with an internet connection. If you save the maps on your device, you can get directions even when you are offline. Follow these steps to download map data files:

1.Connect to a WiFi network on your device.
2.Open the Navigation application and tap the Menu icon then tap Map Data.
3.On the All Maps tab, find the map data you need in the list. Ensure that you have sufficient storage space on your device to be able to download the map data. The file size is shown underneath the name of the map data.
4.Tap the Download icon next to the map data you want to download. The download process might take a while, depending on your connection speed.

On devices with SD card support, you can choose to download your map data from an SD card. Contact Verizon Connect support if you want to use this feature.

2. Configure Your Preferred Settings

The settings you configure control things like how the application generates routes when you ask for directions, the measurement units used in the application, and other options. To configure your settings, tap the Menu icon then tap Settings. Any changes you make are automatically saved.

3. View the map

The map shows by default. From other screens you can open the map by tapping the Menu icon then Map. Your map might look different to the image below, depending on the type of device you use.


Access the main menu.


Tap to select or enter a destination.


Search for a destination.


Reserved for future use.


The map compass. Tap to switch between the map showing north as up and the direction of travel as up.


The arrow indicates your current location.


Tap to change between 2D and 3D perspectives on the map.


Zoom in on the map.


Zoom out on the map.


Tap to save the current location, and to provide feedback on it later.


Your HOS status clocks (if you are using Hours of Service in WorkPlan).

4. Get directions to an address

From the Map screen, tap the Navigate to… field or the Search icon . Either start typing an address or select a Recent Place, a Favorite or a point of interest (POI) under Search nearby. When the address shows up in the list, tap it to see it on the map. Then tap the Route icon to generate a route from where you currently are to your destination. From here, you can either tap the List icon to see a list of directions or tap the Navigation icon to get turn-by-turn directions.

See Searching for Locations and Getting Directions for more information.

5. Start driving

When you start driving, and you have the Motion Lock feature enabled in your account, you automatically enter Motion Lock mode, which prevents you from interacting with your mobile device screen.

If you are on the Guidance screen or on the Safety mode screen at the time, you will remain on this screen. If you are viewing the list of directions at the time, you will go to the Guidance screen or the Safety mode screen, depending on which screen you were on before viewing directions. If you are on any other screen, you will automatically switch to the Map screen in Follow Me mode.