Getting Directions

Getting Directions

1.From the Map screen, tap Navigate to... or the Search icon .
2.On the Search screen, type or select a location. See Searching for Locations.
3.Tap the destination you want.
4.The destination you selected displays on the map, on the Location Overview screen.

On this screen you can see where the destination is on the map. Arrival notes for the location are displayed on the screen if they have been added by an administrator.
5.Tap the Route icon . An overview of the full route from your current location to the destination displays in the Route Overview screen.

To edit the destination address tap the Search icon to open the Search screen. See Searching for Locations for information on searching.
If there are any hazmat (hazardous material) settings defined for your vehicle, a Hazmat icon is displayed on the map. To review or edit the hazmat settings, tap the Hazmat icon to open the Load Type settings screen.
To review or edit settings tap the Settings icon to open the Settings screen. See Configuring Settings for information on settings.
To see a list of the directions, tap the List icon .
To go back and select a different destination, tap the Back icon .
To begin turn-by-turn directions to your destination, tap the Navigation icon .


While getting directions, you will see an alert if you drive above the speed limit. If you are less than 5% over the speed limit, a yellow alert pops up on your screen highlighting your current speed against the posted speed limit. If your speed increases beyond that, the screen alert turns red and an audible alert is played. To turn off audible alerts navigate to Settings > General and disable the Announce Speed Alerts option.

Map Display During Navigation

When you get turn-by-turn directions, the map displays information about your route and provides several options that are described below.

Some map icons fade out after a short delay to declutter the screen. Tap the map once to reactivate the hidden icons. If you have Motion Lock enabled in your account, the icons are not visible while your vehicle is moving.

If the Current Speed and Limit Display Always On option on the Settings > General screen is turned on, the current speed limit and current speed are always displayed on Guidance and FollowMe views. If this setting is turned off, the current speed limit and current speed are displayed on those views only when you exceed the speed limit.

If the Enhanced Turn Notifications option on the Settings > General screen is turned on, you will notice the following when you are less than 400 meters from a turn:

The background color of the directions view changes.
The Turn icon blinks, and a clicking sound is repeated at regular intervals (if your device is not muted).

If the Enable Reaching Destination Satellite Map View option on the Settings > General screen is turned on and you have a cellular connection, the map changes to satellite view when you are within a set distance of your destination.

If you generated the route from a Marker Search, the Last Mile feature ensures that the marker’s arrival notes are announced and displayed. When you are approximately 400 meters from the marker, the arrival notes are announced verbally. When you arrive at the marker, the arrival notes are displayed on the Arrival screen.

Your map might look different, depending on the type of device you use.




The next step in your directions. When you are less than 400 meters from the next maneuver the Turn icon blinks, and a clicking sound is repeated at regular intervals (if your device is not muted).


The step after next.


Tap to mute or unmute the sound.


Tap to turn on Safety mode to reduce distractions on the screen while you drive.


The map compass. Tap to switch between the map showing north as up and the direction of travel as up.


The destination you are navigating to.


The speed limit for the road you are currently driving on.


The speed you are currently driving at. The icon is green if you are driving under or at the speed limit; yellow if you are driving less than 5 mph over the speed limit; and red if you are driving more than 5 mph over the speed limit.


Tap to resume following your location on the route. This icon is displayed if you pan the map while getting directions.


Tap to change between 2D and 3D perspectives on the map.


Zoom in on the map.


Zoom out on the map.


Tap to save the current location, to provide feedback on it later.


The arrow indicates your current location.


Tap to close the turn-by-turn directions. If you are navigating to a job from WorkPlan you will return to the Job screen.


The distance remaining on your route.


The estimated time remaining on your route.


An indicator showing that your route has hazmat settings defined.


An indicator showing if you are using traffic data. The enabled icon displays if the calculated route uses either live or historic traffic data. The disabled icon displays if the route uses neither type of traffic data.


Tap to view a list of directions to your destination.


Your HOS status clocks (if you are using Hours of Service in WorkPlan).


See the Icon and shape glossary for more information about the options available when you use the map.

Exiting Turn-by-Turn Directions

Tap the Exit icon to exit the current route selected for turn-by-turn directions.

This returns you to the Map screen. From here, to return to your route select Resume Navigation or to cancel the route completely tap End Navigation.