Uploading Custom Report Templates

Verizon Connect Report Template (.TRT format) files describe the layout of a report but do not include the actual data values. You can also obtain .TRT files from qualified third party report designers, or from Verizon Connect professional services.

Before you can use the .TRT file, it must be uploaded to your account, where it is saved so you can work with it in the Manage Reports screen. This process is described below.

Simple custom reports do not support hyperlinks inside the report.

Uploading a Simple Custom Report

To upload a report template for a simple custom report:

1.From the Reports section of the navigation bar choose Manage Reports to open the Manage Reports screen.
2.Select the Custom Templates tab.
3.Click Upload.
4.In the Upload a Report dialog box, click Select report... and browse to the report template (.TRT file):

5.Click Upload.

The report template is added to the list of simple custom report templates.