Custom Templates Page

The Custom Templates page lets you download data in order for Verizon Connect or a third party to design custom reports for you, or to work with simple custom reports. To view this page, click Custom Templates at the top of the Manage Reports screen.


Upload: Click Upload to upload a report template (.TRT file) so that it is available for use as a simple custom report. The uploaded report template is added to the list.


Run Report: Click Run Report to display the Run Options for the report, where you can specify the time period the report covers and additional options that configure the data that the report displays. After setting the run options, you can then run the report or save your configuration for running later. When saving a report, you can set up a schedule for the report to be automatically generated and emailed to one or more addresses.


Options: Click Options to display the Template Options dialog box, where you can change the name, description, or default output format, or any combination of these, of the selected report template.


Delete: Click Delete to delete the currently selected report template.


Click a column header to sort the list of report templates by the values in that column.


The list displays all of the report templates for simple custom reports that you have uploaded. Click a row to select a report template.


Navigation controls: Use the navigation controls to move between pages when your list of report templates does not fit on one page.