Custom Reports

As an alternate approach to using the built-in reports, Verizon Connect can create customized reports, including just the information you want. With these custom reports, you can specify exactly what information is shown in the report (the report options that correspond to the report options on built-in reports), then save them so that in the future, you can run the report with a single click, or schedule the report to be run automatically every day or every week and emailed to members of your organization.

Support for custom reports, or for specific types of custom reports, is not included in all versions of this product. If you do not have this feature and want to add it, contact your support representative.

Making Custom Reports Available

Unlike built-in reports, which are always available, custom reports are designed by Verizon Connect professional services, or a qualified third-party, then uploaded to your account.

To upload a report template to your account, click Upload on the Manage Reports screen > Custom Templates tab to upload. Custom reports should not contain hyperlinks (which will not work when the report is generated).

Creating and Running Custom Reports

Once you have uploaded your custom report template, it is displayed in the list of reports on the appropriate tab of the Manage Reports screen.

To use a template to create a new custom report:

1.Click Run Report. A list of Run Options for the report is displayed. Specify the time period the report covers, the output format for the report, plus additional options that depend on the type of report.
2.Select Run to run the report immediately, or click Save to save the report to run later. When saving a report, you can schedule the report to be run automatically on a schedule and emailed to members of your organization.

If you save the report, it is displayed on the Reports tab. To see it, from the Reports section of the navigation bar choose > Reports > Reports tab. You can also see it on the Manage Reports screen > Saved & Scheduled tab, similar to a saved built-in report.

When you run a simple custom report, it is displayed in the queue on the Reports tab, similar to a built-in report. You can view the generated report or download it to your local file system.