The Schedule Screen

Click the Schedule tab to view the schedule screen of the InSight Alerts™ dialog box.

This screen lets you specify when the alert is in effect. This is useful, for example, when you want to be alerted when a vehicle is used in certain ways during off hours.

Most of the screen is occupied by a grid that represents one week. Each column is a day of the week and each row is a half-hour time slot. For each day of the week, you can specify when the alert is in effect, and when the system does not need to check for the alert.

At the top of each day of the week, use the From and To controls to specify when the alert starts taking effect and stops taking effect. Times when the alert is in effect appear green, while those in which the alert is not in effect appear orange. Select the Invert check box to swap the green and orange periods of a day.

Once you have specified the parameters and schedule for an alert to your satisfaction, click Save to save your changes.