Sending a Route

To send a route directly to a driver from the Routing dialog box, the driver must be configured with an email address and assigned to a vehicle.

To send a route to a driver:

1.Click the Routing tool in the Map screen toolbar to open the Routing dialog box.
2.On the Routing dialog box > Settings tab expand the Send To drop-down list and select "Email" from the list:

3.Click the New Route tab .

4.Click in the top field and delete the contents. Enter part of the name of the driver the route will be sent to. As you type, a drop-down list opens, listing the driver names that match your entered text. Only drivers who have been assigned to a vehicle are listed. Drivers names are indicated by the driver icon.



5.Select a driver name from the list. If the driver has a saved email address, the Send button is then enabled.
6.Click Send to email the route to the driver. A confirmation message is displayed when the route has been sent.

7.Do not click the Save button, as this will save the route with the driver name in the top field.
Instead, click the Saved Routes tab then click Load to reload the route.


You can also generate a route directions report and send it to a vehicle. See Route Directions Report for information.