Route Directions Report

You can generate a route directions report from the Routing dialog box > New Route tab . The report provides turn-by-turn driving instructions of the route. The following screenshot shows part of a generated report:

To generate a route directions report:

1.Load a saved route on the Routing dialog box.
2.Click Report on the New Route tab . A route directions report is generated and opens on the Report screen tab, so you can navigate between the report and the Map screen.
The report includes:
An overview map of the route with the total distance, total time, and stops listed next to it.
Turn-by-turn directions showing distance and travel time.
Maps corresponding to the turn-by-turn directions.

Click Print directions to print the report. If you have hidden any of the maps, they are not included in the printout.

Click Show all maps to show all turn-by-turn maps. Alternatively, click in an individual Show Map field to show the map:

Click Hide all maps to hide all turn-by-turn maps. Alternatively, click an individual turn-by-turn map to hide it.

You can send the route directions report to a vehicle if:

The Routing dialog box > Settings tab > Send to field has the value of "Email" in it.
The driver assigned to the vehicle that is doing the route has an email address in their driver details.

To send the route directions report to a vehicle:

1.On the route directions report, expand the Vehicle field (at the top of the report) and select the vehicle from the drop-down list.
2.Click the Send route to vehicle link.