Routing lets you plot a route between any number of stops. Once you have defined the stops you want a driver to make, you can optimize the route and generate clear instructions for your drivers.

Support for routing is not included in all versions of this software. If you want to add this option, contact your sales representative.

The Routing Dialog Box

To open the Routing dialog box:

Click the Routing tool in the Map screen toolbar .
Search for the location where you want your route to start, then click Add as route stop.

You can define a route with the Routing dialog box.


Empty rows. You can enter a route stop in each row.


Clear the currently-defined stops and start a new route.


Save the currently-defined route.



Save a copy of the currently-defined route with a new name.


Generate a report with maps and directions (and optionally send the route to the driver of a specified vehicle).


Send the route directions to a driver.