Marking a Driving Period as Exempt

All hours of service status changes, particularly those that involve going from or to the Driving status, must be assigned to a driver, so that mileage can be accounted for. Unidentified driving periods are displayed on the Unidentified Driving screen with an "Unidentified" status and "No Driver" in the Driver column.

Under some circumstances driving periods can be marked as exempt and do not need to be assigned to a driver. If you mark these driving periods as exempt, they do not display on your drivers' Unidentified Driving screen in the Hours of Service app. The following list includes valid reasons for marking driving periods as exempt:


Short-haul or city exempt trips
Drivers performing maintenance on a vehicle
Drivers maneuvering a vehicle around a yard

Only EXEMPT drive segments made by drivers properly qualified by the motor carrier as exempt as defined in 49 CFR Part 395 should be placed in the exempt category. It is the motor carrier’s responsibility to ensure all drive segments placed in this category were properly identified and it is the motor carrier’s responsibility to provide appropriate documentation to any federal or state enforcement officials, in the event of an audit or investigation.

To mark unidentified driving periods as exempt:

1.Go to the Unidentified Driving tab of the Hours of Service screen.
2.From the Status drop-down list select "Unidentified" to filter the driving periods that have no driver assigned.
3.Select the check box next to the driving periods that you want to mark as exempt. Make sure that you select only the driving periods that qualify for an exemption.
4.Click Assign (x driving periods selected).
5.From the drop-down box that opens select "Exempt".

6.Provide a reason for marking the selected driving periods as exempt. Remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that all driving periods marked as exempt were properly identified and qualify for an exemption.

7.Click Exempt Driving Period.