Assigning a Driving Period to a Driver

All hours of service status changes, particularly those that involve going from or to the Driving status, must be assigned to a driver, so that mileage can be accounted for. Unidentified driving periods are displayed on the Unidentified Driving screen with an "Unidentified" status and "No Driver" in the Driver column.

To assign an unidentified driving period to a driver:

1.Go to the Unidentified Driving tab of the Hours of Service screen.
2.From the Status drop-down list select "Unidentified" to filter the driving periods that have no driver assigned.
3.Select the check box next to the driving periods that you want to assign the same driver to.
4.Click Assign (x driving periods selected).
5.From the drop-down box that opens select "Assign to Driver".

6.Select a driver from the drop-down list.

7.Click Assign Driver.

You can re-assign a driving period to a different driver if you have assigned the driving period to a driver and then realize that the driving period belongs to a different driver. You can re-assign only those driving periods that were unidentified at some point in the past.