Location Search

The Go To tool lets you search for an address, a marker, a latitude and longitude coordinate pair, or a job. Click this tool in the Map screen toolbar to open the Go To pop-up:


Go To field - Enter all or part of the marker name, street address, job name, location coordinates, or map layer field value that you want to search for. As you enter marker names or street addresses, autocomplete results that match the entered text are displayed in a drop-down list (up to a maximum of five addresses or 15 markers).


Search field - Expand the Search field drop-down menu and select one of the following options:

Addresses - If you select "Addresses", enter all or part of the address in the Go To field. Expand the Country field drop-down list and select a country, if necessary.
Markers - If you select "Markers", enter all or part of the marker name in the Go To field.
Jobs - If you select "Jobs", enter the name of a job if you have a subscription for Verizon Connect® Response™. You can optionally select a date range of up to 90 days, indicating when the job is scheduled to occur, using the date pickers that are displayed. You can search for jobs scheduled for the future, and for those completed in the past. Job searches are performed only in the territory currently selected from the Fleets selector tool in the upper right corner of the map.


Select the country you want to search in from the drop-down list, if necessary, then click the Go arrow if the results have not yet returned.

To ensure that the Country field is always populated with the location of the current map center, click Settings > General tab and select the Change country in Go To dialog based on map location check box. This feature is called "location hint", and when set to "On" returns results that are the closest to the current map center. For location hint to work, the country you are looking at on the map must be searchable from the dialog box (that is, map data for that country must be included in your account subscription). If it is not searchable, results are returned from those countries your account has access to.

The Results section of the Go To pop-up is filled with locations that match your search criteria:



Select a location from the list.


The map zooms to the selected location.
An info balloon opens with the address and several task links. Depending on the version of this software you are using, you may see:

The speed limit at the location (either the posted speed from map data or a global or customer speed edit, or an implied speed limit using speed categories).
Copy to clipboard.
Go to link.
Create a job here.
Additional custom fields that you have enabled using the map settings dialog box.


Click Export to export the search results to a spreadsheet or HTML file.