Lite Users and Restricted XML

When granting rights to additional account users, you can limit what they can do when working with vehicles and fleets, drivers and teams, or markers and categories. Sometimes, however, when creating user logins for customers or other organizations that you work with, you want to restrict their rights even more, so that they cannot access any of your organization’s sensitive information.

There are two options you can apply to handle this situation:

Lite Users: this option restricts a user to a subset of available features.
Restricted XML: this option restricts how much information a user can see about a vehicle.

Lite Users

Lite users can only access a restricted subset of features. They can only see:

The Home screen
The Map
The Vehicles list

Restricted XML

When a user has restricted XML, they cannot read all of a vehicle's details. Users with restricted XML can only read the following vehicle information:

Current heading (direction).
Location (latitude and longitude).
Time and Date of vehicle reports.
Time and Date of arrival at a marker.
ID of a marker where the vehicle is located.
Full address where the vehicle is located.
Icon that identifies the vehicle on the map.
Assigned driver’s name and ID.
Unit ID.
Unit Tag.
Unit Type.
Hardware Type of the installed unit.