Subusers Screen

The Subusers screen is available only to account administrators. This screen displays information about all the subusers of the account and lets you edit an existing subuser or create a new one.


Click Create to create a new subuser account.


Click Delete to delete all selected subuser accounts.


Enter all or part of a subuser name in the Filter field to filter the list by name. Click the "X" to clear the Filter field.


Click the Advanced Filter button to display a dialog box that lets you filter the list of subusers by a combination of values from specified columns.


Click a column header drop-down arrow to sort by the column or select which columns are displayed on the table. You can choose from the following columns:

Name - The login name for the subuser. This is the name that appears after the colon when signing in to the account.
Login - A link to sign in as the subuser. This column is only available to administrators.
Full Name - The full name of the subuser.
Time Zone - The time zone for the subuser. This affects how local times are presented to the subuser.
Email Address - The subuser's email address.
Last Login - The date and time when the subuser last signed in.
Last Login IP Address - The IP address that the subuser last used when signing in.
Driver - The driver name of the subuser if the subuser is also a driver. This column is only visible if your account has been configured with the permissions needed to associate drivers with subusers.
Administrator - Indicates if the subuser is an administrator. Administrators have all the same rights as the main user of the account.
Disabled - Indicates if the account is disabled.

To save the current table layout, click a column header drop-down arrow and select the Save Visible Columns, Save Sort Order, or Save Column Order check boxes.
To resize the width of columns, click between columns and drag to the left or right.


Select the check box at the top of the list to select all subusers in the list. Clear the check box to deselect all selected subusers.


Select the check box beside an individual subuser to select that user. Clear the check box to deselect the user.


Click the link on a subuser name to display the user dialog box for that subuser.


Click the Login link to sign in as the subuser. This feature is not available in all accounts.


If the list takes up multiple pages, use the navigation controls to move between the pages of the list.


Click Refresh to update the list.