User Administration

Every account has a main user. The main user can see all the vehicles, drivers, and markers belonging to the account, and has full authority to perform any action, such as adding drivers and markers, polling units, assigning drivers to vehicles, and creating reports. Typically, the main user login is reserved for administering the account: creating the fleets, teams, and markers that other users work with.

The main user can add additional users to the account for people in the organization to use. Because these user accounts are intended for people who are actually working with the information, they typically do not need all the privileges that the main user has. Additional users can be limited in many ways:

Seeing vehicles and drivers, and markers: A user can be set up to see only a subset of the vehicles belonging to the account or a subset of the drivers belonging to the account. You can also restrict the marker categories that a user can see.
Ability to view, edit, or delete types of information: A user can be set up to only view information, or to only have rights to change certain types of information. For example, a human resources employee might have the ability to create, edit, and delete driver details but only the ability to view vehicle details.
Reports: A user can be restricted from viewing, editing, creating, or deleting reports.
User administration: A user can be granted the right to create or edit the other users who are lower than them in the organizational hierarchy.
Types of information: Users can have restricted access to information. They may have restricted access to features, or be restricted to a subset of the information about drivers and vehicles. Extremely restricted access rights are useful for customers, so that they can monitor progress information without seeing your organization’s sensitive information.
Mobile apps: A user can be restricted from accessing particular Verizon Connect mobile apps or features, including Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™, Verizon Connect® Coach™, or Verizon Connect® Trips.