How to Permit and Configure Subuser Access to the Hierarchy

You can configure user accounts to have access to the hierarchy, so that they can perform tasks such as editing, assigning, or unassigning items.

User access rights to the Hierarchy cannot be configured from Rights section of the Roles screen. Subusers' access to the hierarchy must be configured by accessing the Edit user dialog box from within the hierarchy itself. When opened from this location, and only this location, hierarchy rights become available on the Rights tab.


To configure user access to the hierarchy:

1.From the Tasks section of the navigation bar choose Hierarchy. The Hierarchy screen opens.
2.Select the node that the user is assigned to from the left tree menu, then click the Users tab. If the user is not yet assigned to the node, or is not currently assigned to any node, they will not appear in this list. To correct this, locate the user in the Unassigned node > Users tab, then drag them to the correct node in the tree menu (see the following sections on assigning and unassigning users).
3.Select the user you want to edit from the list to open the Edit User dialog box.
4.Click the Rights tab then scroll down to the Member Rights and Item Rights section.
5.Expand the Hierarchy drop-down menu and select a hierarchy access right. Available rights are:

None: The user has no access to the Hierarchy screen.
Can View Hierarchy: The user can view the Hierarchy screen, but cannot make changes to the nodes.
Can Edit Hierarchy: The user can add, move, or remove nodes and change node names.
Can Unassign Items: The user can unassign or change the assignment of users, vehicles, or drivers associated with hierarchy nodes.
Can make Items Inactive: The user can make vehicles inactive, so that they are only visible in the hierarchy, but do not appear in any fleets.
6. Expand the Hierarchy Items drop-down menu and select an item access right. Available rights are:

Can View Hierarchy Items: The user can see the users, vehicles, and drivers that are unassigned or assigned to a node in their view of the hierarchy.
Can Edit Hierarchy Items: The user can edit the details of users, vehicles, and drivers that are unassigned or assigned to child hierarchy nodes.
7.Click Save.