Vehicles and Drivers Tabs

You can edit the vehicles and drivers that belong to fleets and teams.

To edit vehicles, select the Fleets & Teams > Fleets > Vehicles tab.

To edit drivers, select the Fleets & Teams > Teams > Drivers tab.

Depending on your version, you can choose which columns display on the tab:

1.Hover over a column header and click the down arrow.
2.Hover over the Columns option on the drop-down menu to open the column menu.
3.Select the check boxes beside the column names that you want to be displayed on the tab.



Select the fleet or team from the list on the left. You can then view or edit the fleet or team.


Click the Add Vehicles or Add Drivers button to add drivers or vehicles to the selected fleet or team. You can assign vehicles and drivers not currently assigned to a fleet or team, or re-assign either from their current team or fleet. In the Add Drivers or Add Vehicles dialog boxes, you can filter by name, assignment, vehicle or base marker; or by hierarchy node membership.


To remove individual vehicles or drivers select the check box beside them, then click Remove. To remove all drivers or vehicles, clear the check boxes and click the Remove All button.


Enter a filter term in the Filter Vehicles or Filter Drivers field to show only vehicles or drivers whose name, assignment, vehicle, driver, or base marker include the filter term.