Details Tab

The Details tab lets you change the name of your fleets and teams, specify whether they are public or private, and view fleets that another account has chosen to share with you.


Select the fleet or team to view or edit from the list on the left.


Select the Available to all users (Public) check box to make the selected fleet or team visible to other users, or leave it clear to specify it as a private fleet. When set to private, only subusers with explicit permission are able to view the fleet or team.


Type a new fleet or team name, if needed, into the "Name" field.


Type notes to associate with the fleet or team into the "Notes" field.


Select the Shared Fleet check box to set an empty fleet as a mirror of a fleet that has been shared with you by another account. To configure the fleet as shared, it must not contain any vehicles. Once this has been set up, the fleet is updated to reflect the shared fleet. The actions you can perform on this fleet, and the visibility of its vehicles and activities, are determined by the organization that shared the fleet with you. See Verizon Connect Share for more information.